Thanksgiving Hosting Tips and Ideas!

Thanksgiving is upon us. 

How did that happen? I swear it was August like 2 minutes ago. Well, here we are, it's fall and Thanksgiving is coming up in less then 3 weeks. One more exciting twist, we decided to host this year. (I can't believe that either!) Is it bad that I'm more excited for my table setting and bar decor then the actual turkey and sides?? Maybe, maybe not. All decor aside, I think what I am most excited about it hosting our families in one place. On a personal note, we recently moved from downtown Seattle (ultra-urban apartment life) to the beautiful Seattle suburb of Kirkland. We have a gorgeous home and it is perfect for hosting, and that being said we have plenty of space to our host our friends and family for this feast-full holiday. Plus, we have to break in the new place, right?

I've been pinning like crazy, follow my Pinterest board here. Below are a couple of fun ideas and recipes I'll be incorporating into my game plan. 

Thanks to Woman's World, I found this cute idea for our table setting. Our house decor is pretty modern, so I'm trying to twist in some traditional pieces. I think it would be a fun idea to have these little menus at each table setting to give all guests a chance to express what they are thankful for.

Idea inspiration from Woman's World.

I haven't fully decided on the menu and whether or not it will be buffet or family style. I'm leaning towards a buffet setting and found this sweet little setup from 100LayerCake. I really like the mix of fall decor, wood and gold ascents. On that note, I've found some really great table decor at Target - fun side note: gold is in!

Inspriation from 100layercake and their Friendsgiving shoot with Crate & Barrel.

To kick of the day, I'm planning on serving this bubbly cocktail recipe from The Kitchn. I think it will be the perfect starter, nice and refreshing as well. It's a super easy recipe, which is always a perk! (it calls for cognac but I might do a whiskey instead)

Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria Recipe from Kitchn

Also, another amazing recipe that I will be making this year is an Apple Sausage & Cranberry Stuffing. I found this recipe on Pinterest, view here.

Recipe By: Wicked Good Kitchen

Recipe By: Wicked Good Kitchen

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!