Party Tips & Ideas! NYE - Let's Celebrate!

New Years is one of my favorite holidays but every year it sneaks up on me. This year we are having a very low-key celebration with close friends; but I wanted to share some fun decoration ideas that I’ve done in the past that are quick, easy, cheap and look awesome!


These never go out of style so why not make them a little glam! Once you’ve inflated your balloons add a light coat of gold paint (or any color that goes with your color scheme!) to the bottom of the balloon. You can also use clear glue and sprinkle gold or metallic glitter on the balloon for some extra sparkle! (Tip: Make sure to use a light coat of paint or glue so it doesn’t weight the balloons down)

Party Signage

You can find the cutest printable templates on Etsy or you can design them yourself on a chalkboard, wood sign or glasses mirrors. I’m in love with my vintage letter board (on amazon for just $30 bucks!). Adding some signage to the bar and food areas allows you to bring your decor to life.

Anything Gold or Silver

If you were you walk into any local craft store you’d be covered in gold and silver. These are the two NYE staple colors so have fun with them! Whether it’s more balloons, tassels for the bar, confetti or gold twisted paper straws. (also found on amazon for just $6 bucks!)

Fancy Cocktails

This can be easy! Below are a couple of my favorite bubble cocktails. You can also go the super-easy route and just pour some bubbles and garnish with fruit or herbs, adds some glam and gives the bubbles a little flavor.

French 76

  • Vodka
  • Simple Syrup
  • Bubbles (prosecco or champagne)
  • Garish with a Lemon Twist

Jingle Juice

I shared this on my last holiday post, but I thought I’d throw it at you again because it’s delicious and great for a party. It’s easy, you can make it bulk and you can add in some bubbles to give a NYE twist!

  • Vodka
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Club Soda
  • Bubbles (prosecco or champagne)
  • Garnish with fresh cranberries and rosemary

Happy New Years everyone!