Our Engagement Story!

I woke up Monday morning this week completely overwhelmed with love and gratitude, and was immediately hit with a flood of cyber Monday shopping deals. I wanted to just pull the covers over my head and hide. How can we bounce from an amazing holiday gathering like Thanksgiving to cut throat deals and shopping madness - So instead of hustling the online shopping scene, I decide to write and share a beautiful story about our ENGAGEMENT!

I know, crazy. I’m still on cloud nine, might stay up here for a bit.  

Planning events for a living, I knew 'engagement season' was upon us but I had no idea I personally would be thrown into the mix. Well, I lie, I knew I wanted to marry Jay and I knew he had been looking at rings, but I really had no timeline on when I thought the question was going to pop. Jay and I had been dating since fall of 2016, we met through two mutual friends and I’m pretty sure after our 3rd date, I knew I was going to marry him. Before meeting Jay, I really didn’t believe in the whole ‘love at first sight’ or ‘soulmate’ thing. And don’t get me wrong, I do believe in love, and still cry during most rom-coms and at alllll weddings, but I guess before I met him I hadn’t really felt that ‘rock you to our core’ type of love – And trust me, I loved every second falling in love with him.  

(And I’m in tears) Okay, here we go with the sweet and juicy details.

The proposal happened the eve of Thanksgiving. That day my mind was preoccupied with prepping the house for our guests, attempting some new recipes, finalizing place cards and running a million little errands. So, little did I know Jay had a proposal up his sleeve. I had invited my mom, my aunt and Jay's mother and his grandmother over that afternoon for wine, apps and to help prep the stuffing (really it was just a fun way to get all the ladies together before the big feast). Everyone says you don't see a proposal coming but I honestly didn't think Jay could pull off a surprise. Not that he isn't 100 percent capable, but as a planner, I'm just tough to surprise!

So, the ladies show up that afternoon and we are about half way through the stuffing prep, stories and are being shared back and forth and our doorbell rings. I wasn't excepting anyone, and Jay had mentioned he had a late work meeting, so I went to answer the door assuming it was a late Amazon package… I opened the door, and there he was. Down on one knee. I think we both forgot what was said, but I said YES. Probably the easiest answer I've ever had to give! Jay’s dad was in the wing snapping photos and thanks to our security camera we got it all on tape too! It was amazing, and we got to walk inside and share the news with both our families. As a planner, I couldn't have planned it better or more thoughtfully. 

It made Thanksgiving that much more special. I had been so looking forward to hosting our families and getting everyone together and to throw getting engaged to the man of my dreams on top, it was just amazing. Truly a dream come true.  

So yes, I said yes. We are now engaged, and I hope you all are excited to watch the wedding planning begin 😊



PS - See the full proposal video on my IG page @kaylacookevents