How To: Decorate your Mantel

First things first, have you picked a theme? I find it easier to start decorating with I have decided what my theme or design scheme is going to be. Below is a snap shot of my home mantel; it is creative and random touches of inspirations but hold a modern feel

1. Find a center piece or focus point. This could be a mirror, large frame, clock. It must be something that draws in your attention; really grabs your audience. 

2. Balance with height. Find pieces that help bring the center full-circle. Example above: both side pieces really bring height to the mantel.

3. Add a pop of color or shine. This could be a vasa, frame or piece of art. I love using metallic's, especially in living rooms. The sunlight bounces off the metallic and brings in more natural light.

5. Photos. This is one place in your home you are fully allowed to show off family, friends, loved ones, places you've traveled, etc. Go ahead, show off!